Twin Turbo 1955 Chevy Pick-up truck

This was one of my favorite builds of all time.  The owner came to me and said, “I want tubes all over the place.  I want people to stop dead in their tracks at car shows when they see this old truck and what’s under the hood.”  Those were the only guidelines I had to work with.  The truck showed up with a 4.8L Chevy V-8 under the hood and that was it.  Anyone familiar with the intake manifold on the modern V-8 truck engines knows it’s not going to win any beauty contests.  I tried to persuade the owner to replace it with a much better looking aftermarket unit, but he wasn’t interested.  After a little brainstorming I decided to run another option by the owner.  This time he agreed.  The plan was to use round PWR air to water intercoolers, and place them on top of the ugly plastic intake manifold.  This killed two birds with one stone.  The owner got the “tubes all over the place” look he wanted, and I got to hide that eyesore of a manifold.

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