SPEC Clutch High Performance Kits for Chevy Sonic 1.4L Turbo(STOCK flywheel)


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SPEC has developed a new line of clutches for the 2012-2017 Chevy Sonic aimed at performance, but without the compromises often associated with a performance clutch. SPEC clutch offer a total of 5 stages for the Sonic, however we’ve decided to concentrate on the first three because of their super friendly street manners and the ability to hold up to 375trq.   If you need more than that let us know and we can price out the other options for you.

We currently have the Stg 2 Kevlar clutch in our Sonic and absolutely love it!  The vague feel of the stock clutch is completely gone.  The high clamp load pressure plate does add some additional effort to the pedal, but it’s more along the lines of what you’d expect from a factory performance vehicle.  The Kevlar disc we opted for gives a positive bite without being grabby, doesn’t chatter and engages as smoothly as stock.

 If you are interested in a kit containing  an option for a performance oriented lightweight flywheel, please see our other Spec Clutch listing.

Stg 1

Carbon-Kevlar based organic full faced disc with high torque sprung hub

Stg 2

Segmented Kevlar disc with high torque sprung hub

Stg 2+

Hybrid segmented Kevlar on one side and a carbon semi metallic facing on the other with high torque sprung hub


The SPEC clutch packages listed here fit ALL 2012-2017 Sonics with the 1.4L engine that intend to utilizes a stock flywheel.  Please indicate the year model so that the appropriate clutch disc is included with your clutch kit.

(!)  Please note that the stock dual mass flywheel must be replaced when replacing the clutch.  It is a dual mass unit and can’t be resurfaced for reuse.

Kits do not include new hydraulic release bearing or new flywheel bolts.  Both items are recommended to be replaced at the time of  clutch installation, and can be sourced through your local GM dealer or online discount GM parts reseller.

Flywheel GM#55599020

Flywheel bolt  GM #55559650
You will need (6) of these.
Per the manual:
Tighten the 6 flywheel bolts in a cross sequence to……………………….. 44 lb ft
Tighten the 6 flywheel bolts in a cross sequence an additional………….. 45deg
Tighten the 6 flywheel bolts in a cross sequence an additional………….. 15deg

Hydraulic release bearing GM #55593580

Additional information

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Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 2plus

Model Year

2012-2013, 2014-2015


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