MPFab Intake System for 2011-2015 Chevy Cruze 1.4L Turbo


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(NOTE: Designed for use on 1.4L Turbo, only.  Not compatible with 1.8L engines.)

AMSOIL has discontinued the air filters we were using as an option to the BLOX that comes in the standard intake kit.  There will be no more available once remaining AMSOIL filter stock is depleted. 


We are excited to introduce our new intake system for the 1.4L turbocharged Chevy Cruze. You won’t find a higher quality or better performing intake on the market.  We have designed this intake using parts from our already proven Sonic intake system, and combined them with a new heat shield specifically built for the Cruze engine bay.  Our intake does a fantastic job of keeping out power robbing heat by surrounding the air filter with an aluminum  heat shield equipped with an outer rubber gasket that makes contact with not only the interior panels of the engine bay, but also extends upward to seal against the hood when closed.  Since hot air rises, having a heat shield that seals against the hood to create a barrier, ensuring  the best results possible.  This barrier blocks out the hot air trapped along the “ceiling” of the engine bay, and allows cooler denser air to be drawn in instead.

Kit comes with everything shown, and works flawlessly when used with a stock or aftermarket tune.  The included air filter utilizes a dry media , which means no worries about oil from the filter messing with the MAF either!

We are now offering a “honeycomb”  air straightener to aid the velocity stack in producing the truest MAF readings possible.  These are not needed in order to get the best performance out of your MPFab intake.  However, adding one of these will richen the mixture slightly at idle and light load cruising, which may be of benefit if your fuel trims are slightly outside of the preferred values to the + side of Zero.  Back to Back testing on the dyno  with and without the screen showed almost identical power curves.  Adding the MAF honeycomb will not penalize performance in anyway.


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Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in
MAF Honeycomb

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