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From the factory, the Chevy Sonic only has 3 mounts to control movement of the drivetrain.  Two of the mounts are opposing each other on the left and right frame rails, and one  rearward mount that connects to the cross member, just in front of the firewall.  Most modern vehicles with a transverse engine layout use 4 opposed mounts(each mount is across from its counterpart)to control this movement with the “4th mount” connecting to the cross member closest to the radiator or to the radiator core support itself.  This mounting array, gives good control of movement even with the soft rubber mounts utilized by the factory.  The Sonic also uses soft rubber mounts, but with only 3 mounts to handle the load, the engine moves much more than a 4 mount system.  This means there is a lag in response from the time you put your foot down  until you actually get acceleration.  The drivetrain  basically “winds up” first before applying torque to the wheels.  For lots of Sonic owners this isn’t a big deal because they bought the car as a gas saving commuter first and foremost.  However, If you purposely navigated to this site, odds are you have a desire for performance as well as economy out of this platform. What we have developed, is a way to add that “4th mount” to your Sonic so that drivetrain movement is kept at a minimum.  This makes a dramatic difference in “sporty feel” and responsiveness with only a slight amount of added vibration around 900rpm.

*We now also offer a rubber bushing ,sourced from an OEM application, that eliminates the small amount of vibration that the  polyurethane bushing has around 900RPM.  The rubber bushing allows more movement than the poly bushing, but still offers a substantial gain in drivetrain responsiveness over stock.*

The MPFab DRS(Drivetrain Roll Suppressor) is comprised of a billet 6061 transmission mount with a 70 durometer polyurethane bushing, and a steel adapter that bolts to the cross member to become anchor on the chassis.  The adapter is made of 3/16″ steel ,is precision TIG welded for strength, and then powder coated in satin black.  The adapter can be bolted onto the cross member with the supplied hardware or welded for a permanent anchor point.

 These will only work with 1.4L 6spd manual Sonics. 

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1 review for MPFab DRS for Chevy Sonic

  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic product!! The feel in the throttle is a very noticeable difference. It really gives the Sonic a sporty feel when you press on the throttle. I have a new view of the Sonic now because of this product. Thank you!!

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