MAF Honeycomb for MPFab Sonic Intake System


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If you want the truest, most stable MAF readings possible, combine one of these with the velocity stack in our already awesome Sonic intake system.  The screen will richen the mixture at idle and light cruising.   This is great for those who may have slightly out of range fuel trims to the + side of zero, after adding several modifications to an aftermarket “canned” re-flash.  Works in conjunction with MPFab Sonic intake or any other Sonic intake  utilizing 2.75″ od tubing.

Please note:    They are very sturdy for their weight, but a ham-fisted installation attempt will result in damage.  Ideally, installation will take some effort to securely install them into the velocity stack and there will be some slight deformation on the edges once installed properly.  They should be “snug” and not loose.  If you find that the MAF screen is loose or is too easily inserted into the end of the v-stack or tube, please use some form of quick setting epoxy to secure them.  “JB Quick” would be a good example of what you can use.  After the MAF screen is inserted, four small dabs, 90degrees from each other is all that’s needed(12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock).

Please enlarge installed photos for reference.

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