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  • MPFab’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8

    I bought the 2005 Evolution you see here new in Oct of 2004.  It has been an obsession of mine for the last nine years.  I wanted a white GSR without a sun roof, and it took a flight to Dallas, Texas to get it.  This car has been extremely enjoyable to drive (when it’s not apart) for almost a decade […]

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  • Ridiculously Light Batt. Box for Ridiculously Light Battery

    I’m using this 4.9lb, 54oCCA, gem of a battery in my Evo, and it only seemed right to house it in a custom made 1lb battery box .  This setup now resides in the trunk of my Evo where it replaced the 42lb Odyssey battery and battery box behemoth that was there previously.

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  • Greyhound Licking a Popsicle

    So this has nothing to do with fabrication, but it’s one of my favorite dog pictures ever.  Just a dog  immensely enjoying a popsicle on a hot day.  Btw, retired Greyhounds make wonderful pets!

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  • 3.5″ Aluminum Exhaust for Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

    This was an interesting request from a great friend and customer in New Jersey.  On paper, aluminum isn’t a great candidate for exhaust work, however, over the last few years I’ve seen aluminum exhaust show up on lots of drag cars with a few systems on street cars, as well.  My customer said he wanted […]

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  • Twin Turbo 1955 Chevy Pick-up truck

    This was one of my favorite builds of all time.  The owner came to me and said, “I want tubes all over the place.  I want people to stop dead in their tracks at car shows when they see this old truck and what’s under the hood.”  Those were the only guidelines I had to work […]

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  • Buell XB9 Turbo

    This was a really cool bike to begin with.  Add a turbo, and it just gets better!

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  • 3RZFE swapped Old School Toyota Celica

    This was really cool car that came to me awhile back.  The owner had another shop install the engine, but quickly realized that the hood wasn’t going to shut with the stock intake manifold, and the layout also interfered with the turbo that had been installed.  I was contacted to build an intake manifold, mount the […]

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  • 2JZGTE Swapped 240sx

    I’ve done a few turbo setups in these cars, and I absolutely love this combination.  Nissan’s 240sx sports cars are plentiful, lightweight, and often inexpensive to purchase.   There’s plenty of room under the hood for a multitude of different engines, but the 2JZ swap is one of my favorites.  The 2JZ is a legendary import power plant capable of handling 1000+whp […]

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  • Single Turbo V-8 Buick T-Type Inlet Pipe

    The S400 Borg Warner turbocharger on this V-8 Buick T-Type had a 5″ inlet.   Due to the turbo placement, it required me to get creative when designing the inlet pipe.

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  • RB26 Swapped 240Z

    This was one of the first projects I ever did as MPFab.  I was asked to build the turbo inlet pipes, charge piping, and intercooler.  This car was absolutely stunning in person.  The rear wheels were 13″ wide!  Given the power potential of the RB26 under the hood, I’d say that was a good call on the […]

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  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 321 stainless race header

    By utilizing better materials, one can often shed weight.  Such is the case with this 321 stainless header designed here at MPFab.  Typical turbo manifolds use a lower grade of stainless, often 304.  In order for 304 to live in a turbo environment reliably, the wall thickness has to be increased.  The subsequent increase in wall thickness […]

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  • BMW E36 Differential Cooler

    This system was designed for a customer who continued to boil the fluid in the differential of his E36 race car.  He had already installed the Alpina  diff cover which added capacity and large cooling fins to combat the problem, but it still existed.  I developed this trunk mounted cooler utilizing a Setrab heat exchanger, Mocal differential pump and […]

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